About us

visaVento Holding AG, a Swiss registered company, brings people and companies together, who are specialized in the planning, construction and operation of wind and solar farms in Poland.

By deploying the latest and proven technology, renewable energy can today be produced with wind and solar parks at a competitive price.

The management and the partners of visaVento are qualified experts with many years of experience in all technical, financial and business areas. The company manages its own projects which are developed from the ground up (greenfield projects). In addition, new projects are continually reviewed and accepted, provided that they meet the high standards of visaVento.

Not only the financial success is crucial for visaVento, but also the environmental and social returns that are achieved with this approach. The measurable environmental benefits today are enormous, because the environmentally harmful CO2 which is generated from the construction of a wind or solar park is compensated for by the production of CO2-free energy within six to eight months. Accordingly, over the entire time period of 20-30 years, savings of 1,500 tons of CO2 per megawatt wind energy are achieved. This fact is increasingly reflected also in the financial returns. The societal expectations towards a sustainable and over generations secured energy supply are steadily growing. Furthermore, both wind and solar farms represent a real asset.

Board of Directors

Alexander Majstrenko

Chairman, Co-Founder

Mr. Majstrenko directs the technical area of visaVento. With his many years of experience in the wind energy business, he understands the challenges from the planning stage to operation stage of a wind farm in every detail.

Simon Schmid

Member of the Board of Directors

Patrik A. Häberlin

Member of the Board of Directors


Tobias Zimmerli

CEO, Co-Founder

Mr. Zimmerli is responsible for the execution, specifically the commercial area of visaVento. He manages the holding at the head office in Switzerland.

Steffen Bassler


Steffen Bassler holds a MBA degree in entrepreneurship & finance at the European Business School (ebs) in Germany, is Swiss Board School (HSG)-certified for advisory boards and completed a German apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank AG. He has over 15 years' experience in Investment Banking as European Head at Credit Suisse, Strategy Consulting and Asset Management. He worked as a consultant in strategy and corporate finance mandates for Arthur D. Little and started his career with an international trainee program for Daimler Financial Services AG with stations in Toronto, Berlin, Puerto Rico and Madrid. He is a Partner at the Corporate Finance firm Capstan Capital (Schweiz) LLC and university lecturer for Corporate Finance & Valuation at the European Business School (ebs) in Germany.

Advisory Board

Dr. Werner Hofbauer

Advisory Board

Mr. Dr. Hofbauer (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Power Products North America High Voltage Products ABB) is a practical manager who has worked in senior positions at ABB for over 20 years. He leads the Divison Highvoltage at ABB in North America and is professor of International Business Management for Engineers at the ETH in Zurich.

Office Switzerland

Elena Timm

Office Manager & Investor Relations

Elena Timm has been managing the office work of the company since 2014 and supports the management in administrative tasks at the headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

Corporate Structure