Sustainable Investment

Optimally planned wind farms in locations with good wind conditions and powerful turbines of the latest generation are already today very competitive with production costs of 5.5 cents per kWh. This includes the full amortization of the entire system within 20 years. Government subsidies, CO2 certificates or other benefits are not considered yet.

In comparison, the cost of power generation with new fossil-fueled power plants are today at about 7 cents per kWh. This corresponds to a cost increase of about 35% compared to 2016/2017.

In the same period, the production cost of wind power could be reduced by more than 10%.

The current market offers attractive conditions for sustainable investments. A commitment to renewable energy includes not only an investment in the long-term production of green energy with increasing rates of return, but also in purchasing power conserving property. The current phase of consolidation and the disposability of visaVento of wind farms of the latest generation in locations with good wind conditions offer attractive opportunities to successfully bet on the winners of tomorrow.

  • Attractive and secure long-term returns
  • Value increase
  • Low risk due to the constantly increasing demand
  • Very low market correlation
  • Measurable positive impact on the environment

The market for renewable energy is despite the rapid development in the recent years still in the beginning. Investors profit from “First-mover-advantages”.