visaVento – Swiss Pioneer in clean energy

visaVento’s vision is to become the leading independent eco-power supplier in Eastern Europe. Its mission is to contribute towards the transformation of energy systems by producing energy sustainably.

Our Team

Our business model at a glance

visaVento offers the full renewable energy value chain, from greenfield site to project planning, construction and operation, through to the sale of electricity.

Our Value Proposition


Our entire team is of the opinion that renewable energy represents the future for supplying electricity, which is why we want to promote wind energy in Eastern Europe. This perception of the shifting trend towards sustainability is what drives our commitment to continue building wind turbines.

Our Value Proposition


As a responsible company, we try to keep a close eyeon the social and environmental impact of our activities. With this in mind, we maintain constant communication with the local population, while concentrating on sustainable energy generation, by repowering turbines for example.

Our Value Proposition


In order to maximize the efficiency of the turbines, the calculations and the work has to be precise. Our team therefore works with leading companies in the wind energy industry to unlock the full potential of each wind turbine. this diligence is also reflected in the trust our partners place in us.